8 years ago it was unbelievable. Almost like a dream only that it was a fulfilment of MLK’s 46 years old prophesied dream. There is something much deeper for us to reflect upon as we also come celebrate the promised made real in Jesus Christ this Christmas. Almost like the story of Jesus Christ, a promise of King came true and his people’s expectation was not met as their understanding of his reign did not meet the reality of his purpose. Therefore they cried, crucify him! Crucify him!!



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Norwell Roberts QPM is the first Blackman to join the Metropolitan Police . His journey in the Police was not an easy one. However, he was determined to change the story. His resilience, courage and bravery in the face of intense racism has been a source of courage for many people of colour.


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Top Ghanaian designer Afua Sam to style Miss Africa USA finalists .

Afua Sam is the CEO of globally recognised fashion house, STUDIO D’MAXSI. A multiple award Winning...

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The first collector’s edition of Pearlwoman magazine London’s leading magazine for women...

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Christmas is here and we're getting excited. I hope you are too. Yay! We have put together some top ...

Photographer: Saskia Bogarde | Designers: Krachtvrouwen Oude Western & Blackpearl
Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam puts on its show

‘Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam (AFWA)’, a three-day fashion display featuring a cross-se...



Eche Egbuonu a former bipolar patient gives insight into Mental illness

Eche was once a diagnosed with bipolar 1 and overcame the illness. He is now a mental health consult...

Alpha Sisters Haircare oil.
Alpha Sisters Hair Care oil Unisex By Anaya Hair and Beauty

Alpha Sisters Hair Care oil Unisex By Anaya Hair and Beauty is a rich natural product formulated to ...

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Few weeks ago a young social media acquaintance shared pictures of himself and friends in class, in ...

Uchenna Dance, The Head Wrap Diaries, Central St Martins
What to do this Sunday: Africa Utopia festival

The fourth edition of the celebration of Africa and the African diaspora, featuring music, debates, ...

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Hon. Cecilia Ogwal
Former Miss Uganda and MP Cecilia Ogwal congratulates current Queen Leah Kagasa

This year’s Miss Uganda pageant had the honour of Hon Cecilia Ogwal who is one of the most po...

All Identity is Constructed
Artist Martin Firrell raises another social debate with his All IDENTITY IS CONSTRUCTED project.

Artist Martin Firrell raises another social debate with his All IDENTITY IS CONSTRUCTED project. Who...

Check out these internship opportunities and share among our youths

All too often we find out about amazing opportunities late in the day. Please share the following in...

Watch DJ Cuppy and Desmond Elliot act daughter and father in movie titled The Secret Princess

Florence Otedola aka DJ Cuppy plays Sade(the secret princess) and daughter of Desmond Elliot’s...




Emmanuel Adebayor continues search for new club after deal with Fulham collapsed

Former English Premier League star and Togo footballer, Emmanuel Adebayor continues to struggle in h...

Metropolitan Police to dedicate a room to Norwell Roberts

The Metropolitan Police Service to dedicate a room within their new Peel Centre, Training and Develo...

Ify Adenuga
Skepta’s mum Ify Adenuga to receive ICON recognition at CA award

Mother to Skepta a British highly acclaimed musician, Ify Adenuga to receive Icon recognition at CA...

Niqab banned in Bulgaria
Amnesty International condemns Bulgaria’s ban of Muslim women’s face cover.

Bulgarian parliament last Friday banned the wearing of face veils in public a move they have defende...