December 16, 2015
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December 19, 2015

UK Black women entrepreneurs to watch in 2016.

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Cheryl_PhoenixCheryl Phoenix Henry:
When Cheryl lost her partner in 2007, her business went down too. Having to come back fighting to keep her business as well as rebuild her life still grieving, Cheryl has won our heart as a woman of courage and determination.
As well as having to carter for her family, she is also running several thriving businesses. The serial entrepreneur is the director of : Purple Pages, The Black Child Agenda, Global Black links and African and Caribbean Relocation and Investment summit.  .
Cheryl has been in the business sector for over 18 years and specialises in sales, marketing and event management. Cheryl has worked in Corporate UK in the city with corporations such as:
Daily mail,
Channel 4 for a documentary uncovering racism in the lettings market,
Met Police Recruitment campaigns and race relations committee
Ministry Of Defence
London Development Agency -50million pound funding for BME Businesses
Sat on the board of the Fair Share funding agency
Ran as a Political Councillor in her local community.
Cheryl has been award widely for her achievements in the industry.

Hazel Chawapiwa
The passionate business woman who started her first business in 1999 whilst studying at University. The Zimbabwean UK born as any other has had her fair share of life challenges, which she find as her source of motivation. After being made redundant and the need to raise a deposit to get on the property ladder she became involved in a number of business ventures one of them being an events company which she started with an old time friend. Their venture became successful and since then, Hazel swore never to go back to 9 to 5 employment again.

In May 2012,she launched the 2inspire network “empowering individuals and helping especially women to realise their potentials which is the foundation of the network, an organisation that provides forums and platforms that help to empower, promote and inspire women”. In 2013 Hazel also launched the social enterprise The 2Inspire Academy; a personal development and life-skills programme for young people aged 16-21. The 2Inspire academy has been established to help young people focus on what’s important for them now and in the future, to learn the mind set and life-skills for success, and to set and achieve personal targets.

In 2001, Basic Business Initiative UK (BBIUK) a charitable enterprise and support agency was established with the aim to Promote Entrepreneurship and Self economic Empowerment. BBI UK has developed significant level of expertise and experience in Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) development and support for both existing and prospective new businesses/ social enterprises ranging from advice, information, guidance, mentoring, training and capacity building since its inception. Its annual business awards recognise excellence amongst the SME and social enterprise community.

Michaelene Gail Holder-March:

michaelene headshot
Michaelene has been a serial entrepreneur since 1991 when she started a recruitment for secretarial services. Since that time she has founded multiple companies, including MHM Health Consultancy Ltd, Plush Cleaning Service and NURUH Skincare
She’s a Teacher, Nurse, Midwife, Law, Fellow of Chartered Management Institute, also is recognised as Health Informatics Accredited Clinician for Connecting for Health. A goal driven professional, well known in the public and private sector for her vast experience in Managing Corporate Governance, Information Governance, Risk Management, Clinical Governance, Claims, Audit and Health and Safety.
What sets Michaelene apart is the unique position and perspective she has always maintained, which is grounded in healthcare management with deep roots in leading-edge management science and mindful entrepreneurship. Her intense curiosity has always led her to explore disruptive approaches to solving complex business problems. Recently she has entered into a male dominated field jointly with her husband to sub-contract directly with major manufacturers to service and repair household appliances.

Over the last 10 years, she has played a variety of roles including Chairwoman of the African Health Policy Network, Speaker, Mentor and an advisor to public and private boards and management. She has architected customer/partner/joint-venture/business transformational relationships with cross industry, private and public sector. This, together with her natural wit, honest and down-to-earth approach has made her one of the most sought-after and respected entrepreneur speakers.

Marcia M. Spence
Marcia Spence is the founder and CEO of The Success maker a life changing and professional development agency. She’s a dynamic manager & developer of people. Having survived several challenges including divorce and single parenthood, Marcia now in her late 40s has perfected in what she calls a bounce back strategy in personal and professional development.

She has led teams since the age of 20 she specialises in identifying potential, growing leaders and releasing power and repairing self-esteem. Marcia shares her extensive experience with others at all levels utilising her range of communication and facilitation skills including Coaching, Training, Mentoring and Motivational and Inspirational speaking.

Marcia has almost 30 years experience in the creation, establishment and delivery of services for children, women and their families within the public and community sectors and as a self-employed childcare and training provider across the West Midlands.

As a community activist, Marcia has succeeded in Campaigning for quality services and equality issues as well as researching and implementing Community Regeneration projects, and Social Enterprise.

Marcia’s interest in coaching evolved naturally over two decades when many people turned to her for support and encouragement both for their career development and for personal issues these efforts earned her the title “Success Maker” Marcia also had the benefit of accessing Life and performance coaching for herself for a period of 3 years, this experience transformed her life

Marcia says “I have no doubt that what we think about can become our reality, and that we have the power to create our own reality through our thoughts. Since embracing The Three Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness, my life is of the highest quality ever as I am able to live my life effortlessly with love and understanding”.

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