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February 9, 2016
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February 11, 2016

From felon to buzzing gospel hiphop star, Exodus Swift.

ExodusSwiftExodus Swift is indeed a convicted felon. With several violent convictions. In his past he was convicted for stabbing a man in his throat and further on he was convicted for brutally assaulting a police officer. When we hear of a person with these past crimes. We don’t think of that person being a brilliant poet. We don’t think of that person being a accomplished author. We don’t think of that person being a business owner. Most importantly we do not think of that person being an outspoken Christian.
This is when judging a book by it’s cover and it’s first chapter comes back as an egg in the face. I’m sure many people may judge Exodus Swift by his past actions. But what has he done lately. Let’s take a look at his past few years and contributions to society. He has consistently produced, written, recorded, and released positive music for over 5 years.

Music that uplifts and promotes Jesus Christ as the centre of his life. He has written beautiful and powerful poetry books. That speak on problems that are often argued about by politicians who can’t even strategize on how to solve them. For over 5 years he consistently have posted inspirational messages of hope to social media.

Exodus Swift is not just a recording artist. He is not just a poet that writes about change but doesn’t act on it. He actually makes effort to inspire whoever will listen. His new album has been buzzing throughout the internet and music streaming services.
After years of working towards building a fan base that will not just listen but hear his message. His goal has been accomplished. With his new album properly titled “Untamed”. Exodus Swift has made it clear that he will not go away.

People can indeed change. And not just change but initiate change in others. I’ve listen to his new album. I wouldn’t think at first that it is gospel rap music. It sounds better than most of the music that is released from some of the top selling mainstream musicians. When I first listened to the album. I started moving my head and I even said, this is hot! Then I started paying attention to what he was actually saying. Wow! Song after song hit me with a mind blowing, eye opening, thought changing feeling. He brings the topics of his poetry to life in his music. He makes every rhyme count. With catchy hooks and ‘fleek’ verses. This is clearly a breakout album for Exodus Swift.
This is clearly the album that puts well deserved attention, eyes, and ears on Exodus Swift. And after turning his whole life around and pursuing his dream of change. What is next for Exodus Swift? A full album, a tour, and more music. Yes! Exodus Swift is here to stay.

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