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November 9, 2016
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November 13, 2016

The anatomy of Hillary Clinton's catastrophic loss to Donald Trump.

Hillary ClintonWhere inexperience beats experience one begins to wonder. Hillary Clinton’s over 3 decades of experience has just gone down the drain forever in a shockingly historic win for Donald Trump.
Unfortunately, fear again wins over ‘hope’. ‘Hope’ that no one was convinced to believe in given Hillary Clinton’s history with the groups she wanted to bring hope to. Hillary’s inability to properly brand and position herself caused so much confusion for her campaign team.

Let us look critically at the anatomy of this deeply painful loss.

1. Clinton’s history with Black people.
Senator Clinton has had a long history with the black community. Her indifference and apparent derogatory comments towards the people made it extremely difficult for blacks to trust her. The fact that she had referred to black people as deplorable and super predators wasn’t one to easily forget. The Clinton’s foundation history with Haiti is not one black people was going to easily forget and forgive. Though they didn’t really have any choice in Mr Trump, they were stuck with abstaining rather than voting for an obvious enemy.

2. Clinton’s history with women.
So many women have been looking forward to the historic moment a woman would emerge the president of America, unfortunately, Hillary Clinton wasn’t bringing that excitement for them. As one commentator put it, “she spent much of her career destroying women tied to her husband’s sexual escapades.” The suddenly women’s champion rhetoric wasn’t penetrating the hearts of feminists, and women advocates. Hillary Clinton simply wasn’t that historic women’s candidate we all hoped for. I eagerly searched for groups of women changing their profile images with a Hillary #IamwithHer campaign, but it was like searching for a grain of sand in an ocean. Unlike the time of Barack Obama when women came out in their numbers to volunteer. Hillary simply couldn’t connect with women.

3. Clinton failed to reach the religious groups.
Hillary Clinton lost her grip with core Christians especially Catholics with her abortion and same sex policy. Both highly difficult topics to handle, unfortunately, Hillary could not diplomatically handle this in a way to win the trust of this group.

4. Clinton and the White voters.
White electorates had no trust whatsoever in Hillary especially with her toying with the country’s security, Benghazi issue and her email misconduct. Hillary’s inability to appease White voters with promises that they hoped for, such as immigration and the economy was a hash miss for them and irreconcilable. Her careless conduct as the secretary of state has cost her so dearly.

5. Clinton’s establishment figure .
Unfortunately, people all over the world are tired of establishment imposing their elite ideology on them. And Hillary presenting herself from the point of continuing President Obama’s legacy was a terrible mistake. Again this did not speak to that group who disagreed with Obama’s position on Gay, healthcare and those who were not comfortable with his race and perceived religion.

Hillary following Donald Trump to the gutter politics.
Again, huge, huge mistake. Knowing how dirty her cupboard is, it was a very bad idea to allow herself to be dragged to the gutter. Donald Trump is a champion in this space why follow him to dance in the mud. I put this down again to her campaign team’s inability to properly brand her campaign to capture a particular group. She didn’t have any message to reach a particular group and so was carried by every wind that blew. She would have focused on bringing the hope that people wanted, from completely opposite direction from Trump so that people will have a clear choice to make.

In all, Hillary Clinton failed to find her niche and so was trying to rich everyone and in the end, reached no body.

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