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US ElectionWe have woken up to President Donald Trump. Surprise, surprise ? As much as everyone want to express shock and surprises, it’s fair to say we all saw it coming and in fact those expressing surprise are the very ones who voted Mr Trump into power. First of all, congratulations to the 45th elected President of the United states of America, Mr Donald Trump.
Let’s be fair here, he fought a hard fight, he came out against all odds, taking on a known name and experience. He stood against choreographed and super edited script, he came out raw and real. He said things as they were, he did not try to hide who he is to be a certain way to manipulate his way into the White House. With him, what you see is what you get.
I wasn’t a supporter of Mr Trump neither was I fully in support of Mrs Clinton. They both were like two seeds in a pod. With Mrs Clinton who was to be a clearer choice making it more difficult for one to categorically stand by her. I grew up falling in love with the name Clinton, despite all allegations against Bill, he still remained and had that charisma that drew people towards him.

Unfortunately, that charisma became a stumbling block for cold shouldered Hillary who finds it difficult to connect with the people she claims to stand for – women. We expected her to be like her husband, to be charismatic and to be warm and giving genuine smiles at people, hug people and treat people individually. But Mrs Clinton isn’t Bill and she certainly isn’t Obama or Michelle. She just didn’t have it.

I watched with so much interest hoping that she would find a way to draw in many women, front more charismatic women to close that gap. But, it seemed she was to desperate to be the one , to do it herself. She miscalculated, underestimated her opponent and misread the times we’re in. Mrs Clinton made it difficult for those who wanted to support her to come on board. For example, calling black people super predators and deplorable made it completely difficult for a black person to give her their full support.

Besides, all over the world, people are no longer drawn to long standing status quo. People no longer want to subscribe to the usual way of doing things. People are hungry for change. Change from among the crowd and nothing to do with same old, same old. In fact it now seems like the more you present experience as an asset, the more likely people are going to resent you. Now I grew up knowing the Clintons and the Bush, and you can see that it seems unfair that after many years we’re still going to be stuck with same old, same old. Are they the only families in the country. It’s just like having Mugabe of Zimbabwe in power for over 4 decades.
Mr Trump on the other hand, read the handwriting on the wall so very well. Took a chance and gave it what it asked for. Like a joke, he took a gamble and now he has demonstrated yet again that there’s no particular way of doing something. You only need to be bold and brave enough to want it and go for it, and possibly you will get it. Even without a single support from all past presidents, he stood his ground. With all media against him, he stood his ground. He was bold enough to say in public things that so called diplomacy would say in doors and pretend outside. And this is what people want nowadays.

No longer ‘manipulative diplomacy’ but sincerity of who you truly are so that they can know who and what they’re dealing with. Social media has made it possible for people to make up their own mind. The need for heavy editorials . They want it raw and now. And if you’re not in the game of what you see is what you get, you’ve lost the plot. The slogan is, be you and we like you just the way you are.

Regardless of what you think or feel, Mr Trump has become the duly elected president of USA, and we must congratulate him, and be ready to work with him. The truth is, just like ‘BREXIT’, is in line with the time we are in and what the people want. The pace of change in this internet age has a speed of light and so unpredictable which makes it more interesting. This is the time we are in and RIGHT NOW.

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