Blunted coverBlunted on reality by Chinedu Achebe

In this first book boldly moves away from the traditional African story based on Africans at home. Blunted on reality taps into the euphoric election of President Obama in 2008. Chinedu brings vividly to life the realities of lives of Africans in the Diaspora mainly focused on the American diversity . He fused the story with romance, everyday realities – challenges, successes, pain, relationships, love, sex ), politics, economy and all.

The genre is not very clear however, a good story line beautifully constructed and laid out. The elements properly used makes it seem more real.

Pages – 174, ISBN, 978-0615629254, Published May 2012. 


Everything is you.Everything is You by Donna Hill- (Kimani Romance)

This is our travel pick for you. In this Lawson’s of Louisiana series, Donna has introduced Jacqueline – the career driven maverick, Raymond’s love and devotion for her, her stubbornness to his love, the shadows of lies and secrecy that cloud her world, Raymond’s own stubbornness to loving her despite hers, and the forgiveness, the reconciliation and love that held them through the pains and challenges.

And the twist with introducing Rafe Lawson… all of these you can’t wait but just sit tight on your cruise or flight or just by the beach to read and get into the fantasy.

Definite our big time pick.

Pages – 224, ISBN 978-0373862849., Published Nov.13, 2012.

The Eleventh Commandment – Lutishia Lovely 

Another love, shadow cloud, driven, adulterous filled story.  There’s more to reveal on this one. Still reading.

Other books are –

A new Kind of Bliss – by Betteye Griffin

How to stop over-managing and become a great Leader – Do Nothing!  by J Keith Murnighan.

The Carlifornia Saga by Chunichi 


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