We are always on the look out to commission  fresh, high quality contributions.

C. Hub magazine is proudly bringing to the fore primarily contents that bring balance to the image of Africa, focusing on creativity, leadership and entrepreneurship. 

Details to think about when pitching your idea.

Our audience.
– professionals, creatives, entrepreneurs, startups, and well educated individuals.

C. Hub magazine is established to cover uniquely and provide quality and valuable  content  that is inclusive with a specific interest in creating a positive model for our Afro-Caribbean audience. Those uplifting contents, stories and experiences mainstream have vehemently refused to cover, C. Hub is here to provide.

C. Hub magazine is a niche creativity hub where; creatives, leaders and entrepreneurs mingle and share ideas. Therefore, our content must be engaging stories that give our audience practical insight and value regarding their industry. It must be positive, uplifting and encouraging. We are never interested in negative clickbaits of this era. C. Hub magazine is unique, and quality conscious, we are particular with content we publish, so do not  take it personal when we do not commission your work. Essentially, if we do not respond to your pitch within 72 hours take it as a no.


We are always looking for the next big act. We love to grab great new talents way before they’re known. Essentially, we aim to discover rather than chase along.
We also love to hear from industry experts, influencers and high profile individuals too. Exclusive interviews work best for us.

We are a global media brand with specific interest in how black stories are portrayed. Our major goal is to challenge the negative stereotyping of black or Afro-Carribean image.

Originality Matters.
Do not send us articles that have already been written in full, been published elsewhere or regurgitating content with us. All our contents are copyrighted and may not be redistributed to any other media once published.

Before you pitch, check that we have not published similar article previously. We always want new, fresh and lively content.

Word Count.
Unless otherwise specified, minimum of 750 and maximum of 1200 words work best for us, Please stick to this.

We pay up to a maximum of £50/article depending on the specifics of an article. It’s important you discuss and agree on a pay with your editor before submission. Please note: if you’re a PR, brand or individual trying to self promote, it’s important you contact us appropriately rather than misrepresent as a journo.

As we pay for your work, we expect journos to promote their published articles on social media to gain traction to give us a good roi. Journos with less tractions on their work may not be commissioned again.

How to lay out your pitch

When sending your pitch, please structure it in the following fashion:

Email Title: Journo pitch(if urgent specify)

1. Working title of your article
2. Crossheading
3 – Short paragraphs summarising the main points or bullet point your catch – A sentence that explains why your pitch works.

Examples of your work on other media platforms/blogs if we haven’t commissioned your work before.

Specific topics to cover (or avoid)
Our interests are as above. Any negative spin, racist, islamophobic, or discriminatory contents are a no, no. No gruesome images or content. There are more than enough outlets already dishing out those out there we do not want to add to that market.

Source: Your source is always important. When pitching your content, include people or organisations you will be talking to and include where your quotes are from in the article. We however do discuss the source we want before any project is commissioned.

Headlines: All journos must have a working headline. Of course this has to be agreed on before final submission. On rare cases, your editor may decide contrary to your headline last minute without notice.


More often than not, journos are expected to source images when submitting their ready to publish copy.
Depending on what your content is, you may need to provide pictures, infographics, videos or gif. Ensure this has been clarified with your editor.

Photographers/MUA/Models – contact us to discuss any image release and or getting published.

Submission Format – All submissions must come via the form below.

Photographers and Models, PR (for press releases only) can submit their high resolution images with all appropriate credits using wetransfer.com,
For press releases and PR pitching and sending products for review see the contact us page

To pitch your ideas email – fill out the form below and if we are interested our editor will be in touch to discuss your idea.