Small Business Account.

C. Hub Magazine small business accountCreate a small business constant visibility account and enjoy total all year round brand promotion saving you up to 80% on advertising and promotions and reach over 2 million people every week, improve your online presence, SEO and increase your sales.

Choose your perfect package to meet your needs.

Standard Account – £20/month.
– Have your business link plugged in with any article of our team’s choosing once a week.

Premium Account – £40/month
-Plug-in your business link twice a week on articles our team decides best relates to your product or service.

Ultimate Account – £80/month.
Plug-in  image of your product and website link on 3 articles of our choosing every week.

Corporate Account- £120/month
Constant website banner advert on relevant articles. Plug-in your business in 4 relevant articles every week. Named sponsor for these articles where your business feature.