Youth Empowerment

C. Hub Magazine YepC. Hub Magazine Youth Empowerment Programme.

C. Hub magazine Youth Empowerment Programme is part of C. Hub magazine’s initiative to create opportunities for young people to have a go at their life purposes.

The C. Hub YEP run by our publisher, Emeka Anyanwu provides mentoring and coaching opportunities for young males and female creatives who are looking for opportunities to build themselves up, looking for positive role models, those looking for parent figures in their lives and those looking to rebuild their lives. It also provides networking opportunities for young people, giving them exposure to the world of entrepreneurship, corporate working and opportunity to meet their idols and high achievers in the community.

C. Hub YEP provides the positive and inspiring atmosphere that motivates and inspires positive attitude to work, loyalty, self awareness and eagerness to succeed.

Great Opportunities For:
– Self Discovery
– Building Personal Strength
– Purpose discovery
– Confidence and Self-esteem building
– Learning positive attitude to life
– And many more …

To join and to receive update on event dates fill the form below. Young people under the age of 17 must have their responsible adults fill this form as a way of consent to receive updates and be invited for events.