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September 4, 2013
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September 5, 2013


To vote Atumpan as the best African act.

One of the best Afrobeats artists in Ghana, West Africa… Atumpan is a versatile artiste who is very much influenced by urban trends in music especially Caribbean dance-hall and reggae.

Atumpan is a professional teacher with a Diploma in Basic Education after graduating from  Wiawso College of Education . He later went on  to University of Education Winnneba in 2008 where he read Linguistics majoring in English Language, he graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Education degree in English Language.

After his University Education he decided to go back to the class room to teach, currently he is teaching English Language at Kaneshie Secondary Technical School in the Greater Accra Region. Aside English Sir Frank can teach African Studies and History, Social Studies, and Twi.M

Atumpan  which means  The Talking Drum is the name of a popular traditional African drum which in the past was used as a medium of communication between the ruling and the ruled especially during wars, festivals and emergencies. This drum is also known as the Master Drum because it is the most important instrument in almost all the Akan dance ensembles in the southern parts of Ghana such as Adowa and kete. Atumpan as an artiste therefore sees himself as a representation of this important drum in that he carries his message across to Africa and the world at large through his powerful voice and music just as the drum does. Growing up, Atumpan was introduced to choral music by his step mother who registered him to his church’s children’s choir at a very tender age. He sang in the church for years, graduated to become choirmaster, before he decided to pursue music outside the church. He still loves his Methodist hymns and choral music very much and that is manifested in two of his songs Psalm 23 and Akpeh (thanks). Atumpan is a strong pan African who believes that the only way African musicians can capture the attention of the world is to stay true to themselves as Africans and reflect that through their music. His popular hit single ‘The Thing’ which had three nominations in the 2011 Vodafon Ghana music awards demonstrates explicitly how he fuses his Indigenous Ghanaian highlife style with funky house garage and techno flavors. His songs Moyerh afrikana, music is Life, Let’s take a ride, Mad Bad, Ago Give You, Ozimzim, Akonoba, Sisimuden just to mention a few, are of no exception. Atumpan is a versatile artiste who is very much influenced by urban trends in music especially Caribbean dance-hall and reggae. His love dancehall music is exhibited in his songs especially through his sensational add lip sing tune ‘Anyeeeeiii’ which runs through almost all his songs. In his own words he says: ‘even though I love dance-hall music so much, my kind of dance-hall is different and African’. He has collaborated with the likes of Cabo Snoop, Ginalee, Sizzler kalonji, VIP, Stay Jay, Dcryme, 4X4 and so on. He is officially signed to 2131 records in Ghana but his smash hit song ‘THE THING’ has been signed by the Ministry of Sounds in the UK.

He has performed in different parts of Europe such Finland and the UK. He has also performed in African Countries like Liberia, South Africa, Senegal, Gambia, Nigeria, Benin and Togo. His first international EP dubbed ‘The Talking Drum’ was launched in November 2011 and its available for sale on itunes and other reputable online musical stores. He is currently working on his debut album Afro invasion.


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