Witch Kentu had a horrible day by Faustina Anyanwu set to become a best seller.

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Witch Kentu had a horrible day by Faustina Anyanwu is the first in the Witch Kentu series. The story explores the other side of  a witch that children will come to discover.  Normally, a witch is seen as one who every body fears and she can get away with almost anything she does. Creating the plot in a typical African setting, Faustina tries to show that witches can be losers too.

Witch Kentu linerWhen she takes it upon herself to keep the children in the jungle valley miserable, she had her fun scarring them away, but then somethings don’t quiet go as planned always . Discover what happened next and will she win the monkey or the snake, or will she be able to overcome the pain on her back caused by the rolling stone. Find out for yourself.

This book has reportedly become a hit with children both in the UK and international private schools in Nigeria and Africa, now it’s set to conquer the US.

Ebook DetailsSize:   21.3 MB


Date published:  2012


Listed in the Juvenile fictions category.

Witch Kentu is now available on ebook at  $3.99-