C.hub issue 5 covers
In time with the excitement for a merry Xmas building, our special edition double cover featuring the best of C.hub magazine in the first year is out now on pre order. What a perfect time to arrange a surprise new year present for the very dear one.
In this issue, we’ve gone even wider exploring the best things to celebrate about life. From the life of our hero, the man of steel Nelson Mandela to speaking to women and men around the globe finding out what it is about them to celebrate.
On C.hub magazine anniversary, we’ve seen top notch designer names from Africa and beyond showcase their very best with a group of beautiful talented models as they tell our editors their journey through and through in the modeling world.
Kwame Koranteng, Dapri Jewels, Jodelyn London , giberkey and USH designers are all brand names you must know about as far as authentic fashion is concerned. All inside this issue.
We have our eyes on serious topics to get you into the success mood as you step into the new year. Our first point of advice is to get the smile on your face whatever the weather. We got the tips, find out why your spouse will never celebrate the same things the same way with you – on relationship. Our very own foodie has been live to France right in the middle of the Nice carnival and here she tells of the menus and where to fjord d them. We also bring you our top 3 African female novelist of the moment with a brief on our take about their books we have authors Ibitola Ojeye, Chika Unigwe, and Cezanne unleash the power in the pen. One thing common with them is, they all will mess with all of your emotions if you dare them.
There are a lot to see in this all new concept of C.hub magazine you’ve never seen before.

Cover images are credit to – Tony Ajiero
Make up – Kereen
Style and concept created by Gayle Thompson
Hair by – Marikela Hall.
Designers – Kwame Koranteng
Dapri Jewels
Jodelyn London
USH clothing Label.
Models as seen in the magazine.

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