Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and Juliet

In its U.S. debut, Spectacular Stage presents ROMEO & JULIET: ETERNAL LOVE, a one-of-a-kind production combining live actors, extraordinary holographic technology and striking special effects – bringing a true Miami flair to Shakespeare’s timeless tale.

Production company Spectacular Stage specializes in the art of applying modern technology to classic works of theatrical art to bring new life to these timeless tales. It is their intricate technology, under the guidance of Visual Producer Lucia Mastromarino, that allows Spectacular Stage’s creative composers Giuseppe and Riccardo Raffa to bring Shakespeare’s most popular play to life, blurring the line of virtual and reality in the ultimate story of passion, love, lust, politics, rivalries and revenge. In addition to mesmerizing audiences with technology never before seen in the U.S., The Spectacular Stage intends to also incorporate contemporary society context – creating a deeper connection between the characters and theatre goers.

A meticulous virtual reconstruction of Renaissance Verona, Italy, envelopes the audience into a fully immersive theatrical experience.  In a sense, Spectacular Stage has created a living movie, combining real life actors and high-tech projected holograms, cinematic quality settings and an exceptional musical score.

ROMEO & JULIET: ETERNAL LOVE kicks-off its first North American tour in Miami with both English and Spanish performances. The Spectacular Stage production will then go onto Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Toronto and Montreal.

Ticket information and details can be found here – and or calling 305-284-8686.