Mothers day perfect present? Think painting.

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March 4, 2014
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March 4, 2014

Mother’s day is just around the corner , sometimes its one of the most important times to appreciate the woman in your life yet one of the most challenging having to get the perfect present to convey your message.

For me, my mum is the most perfect woman ever created and nothing short of the best  will I ever give her. Yeah, some argue its not just by giving presents that you show how much she is worth. But think of it, what else can you offer mum if not lavish her with the best you can .  To keep a lasting memory of each years present, you need to find a present that is timeless, valuable and holds a very important meaning at all times and is perfect to be displayed easily. All those put together, I’ve these gorgeous paintings specially selected for you .


Walking_on_Broadway_Print_300dpiPaintings for ages come and gone and yet to come remain one of the most valuable things one can own. I’ve never seen any painting go out of date. These two paintings out of many stood out to make a perfect ‘ pressie’ for any mother.

First the ‘Glass Palace’  though has been called that can bring back memories of times past , memories of the little thatch palace in a rural village , or that little cottage where it all began . Then combine the two paintings – ‘Walking broadway’ yet again refreshes the memories of recent time , still keeping the mind vividly focused on the times you’ve spent together , the journeys and all that has come with it. It could be the first day you arrived in the big city with such a big heart and dream, could mean to her the day she came back from hospital holding you the little bundle of joy in her hand. These two paintings can remind her of anything but most importantly, they will remain priceless on her favourite corner in the lounge, sitting room or even her office.

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