This Father's day what's good for Daddy?

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May 14, 2014
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May 16, 2014

Sunday June 15th is Father’s day. For those who have a dad to share moments with this is the perfect time to tell him how much you care.  Unlike Mother’s Day, there isn’t much of the buzz going on . That doesn’t mean dads haven’t got wishes too. The truth is every Dad secretly wishes to get a surprise especially this Father’s Day.  There’s no other perfect way to make his wishes come through than tapping into our simple yet unusual gifts wrapped up here for you to start with.  The catch is the more unusual or simple the more you’re about to nail it for him. You know what, Dads are the most childlike thinkers you’re ever going to know . Try these for a start.

Cooler Beer Glass - Red5 - £5.95

Cooler Beer Glass – Red5 – £5.95


Cooler Beer Glass : Hey! Summer is here, the heat is on,  leagues are still here what more can be pleasing to a man whose heart is glued to his team.  Give your dad a moment of solidarity for once with this forever cooler glasses keeping his Beer cool all through the match as he sips and shouts.





Champagne Urn
Winners will celebrate. If that is anything to go by, then you’ve got your Dad the perfect gift of all times. He is a winner so is his team. I hope so with all the surprises this season, who knows. Well, whatever happens Dad must celebrate in style .

Champagne Urn 1744 - Occa Home

Champagne Urn 1744 – Occa Home

Burton Short sleeve Vacation shirt

Burton Short sleeve Vacation shirt

Burton short sleeve shirt : The perfect one. Keep it simple, keep it unique, keep it tropical and you’ve got Dad in for a treat. We all know how clumsy Dads are at packing suitcases, this light weight can only keep things easy . so its a winner in our list for Father’s Day.






Tshirts from Superdry

Tshirts from Superdry


superdry_1712291069982084Every guy needs Tshirts and must have at least one for those cool casual evening walks and hanging out. We’ve chosen these 3 from Superdry and hope you fancy them too.




Pin clock copper  - Nick Fraser.

Pin clock copper – Nick Fraser.



I actually laughed out loud seeing this piece. I so much bet that Nick Fraser himself must be a late goer for him to actually think up this clock design because all the men in my life do. Save Dad another day of explaining at work with this gorgeous mounted just above the TV. It works!


Wimbledon logo cufflinks.

Wimbledon logo cufflinks.

I’m hoping I’m right. But every gentleman loves Tennis and I just thought this will add to just some of his collections for keeps. This one from Links of London is perfectly traditional with the English. Correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks.


Rotary Chelsea FC  strap  Watch - £299

Rotary Chelsea FC strap Watch – £299

Oh no! must it have to do with sports and games? Oh well whatever makes him happy and not to far from the games though. Here’s to Chelsea FC fans. You can’t miss this one if your dad is one. Just save up in time.

For now these are the 7 of my best in the list for Dad this time, will be looking out for more ideas before then.