Sanusi Lamido's emir appointment, what Nigerian's should be thinking.

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June 9, 2014
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June 10, 2014
Emir of Kano - Lamido Sanusi.

Emir of Kano – Lamido Sanusi.

When the news broke of Sanusi Lamido’s appointment and coronation on the 8th of June 2014, much as I have long admired his intelligence and quest to stabilise Nigeria’s banking system, it was a news that made me quip.

First what came to my mind was, at a time when Nigerians are still in shock , asking and pleading for the rescue and or an answer to whatever it is with the Chibok kidnap, why would a man of high standard as Sanusi accept such position from the same elders of the Northern states where the heat is hottest.

Second, I haven’t heard any statement regarding the same Chibok saga from Sanusi to condemn such act. One would expect a man of his calibre to be in the forefront of questioning the government of its measures to get to grips with the incident .



lamide 2Thirdly, this is a man who few months ago was suspended for a said “financial recklessness” while in office as the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria. He is still on suspension and not relieved of his duties and the next thing he goes to accept a traditional title . I learnt the son of his dead uncle whom he succeeds and his fans are not happy and are protesting his appointment and coronation. Of what importance or urgency is it that him Sanusi Lamido would have to so quickly accept this position and why would he be the only one suitable for that position as said by the elders.




lamide 3If I were him (unfortunately I’m not), I would have thought twice and in fact would not accept this position if I should value my international integrity and recognition. At a time when Nigeria’s stability as one nation is shaking, there is so much turmoil and speculations of break up, I would not try to be in a position to play a part that puts me on the side of a particular region. Which in my opinion justifies Goodluck Jonathan’s moves to suspend him in the first place. Nigerians should be wondering is it possible that this noble man Sanusi while in the office was using his position to syphon the countries money for his Northern states, to enrich their pockets to be able to carry out the plan of dividing Nigeria. Could it be that Sanusi has been in the central bank as a puppet for the Northern leaders. And his suspension, has it any hand in the great turmoil that’s engulfed Nigeria in the recent time.

These are questions that came into mind on hearing this news and I will leave it to Nigerians to deliberate on and answer for themselves. It is time to be more vigilant than be engulfed with every passing wind.