Balotelli heads England to deficit

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June 15, 2014
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June 20, 2014

imageClearly, everyone knows England V Italy clash was going to be a crucial match and each squad knows losing the match will be a real hit on their chances.  England has won only 2 out of their last 11 International against Italy . In the 2012 Euro, they lost on penalties in the quater finals to the Italians.  So last night’s match (14/06/2014) was a fight for the England squad.

At the first half, we saw Daniel Sturridge and  Wellbeck, Sterling and Glen Johson in real form belting out ferecious shots and excellent passes. Unfortnately, the real ‘stars’ Wanye Rooney and our beloved captain,  Gerrad looked tired and were found wanting on the pitch.  Some blamed the heat and humidity while some are still wondering if it was Rooney’s new hair style that kept him out of form or maybe it was him being played in a position he couldn’t perform from. But the truth remains that Rooney has failed to score for England in the last 3 world cups and 9 matches . Whatever it was, the first half saw England in a good light with Sturridge’s powerfully putting England back on the game at the 37′ within 2 mins of conceding  a goal from Italy’s Claudio Marchiso at 35′ . The equalizer  celebration  saw England’s  physiotherapist twist his ankle and carried off. If that was a sign of what was to come, no one saw it coming.

At the 50′ Mario Balotelli’s bravery was all that’s needed to keep England camp calm till the end of the game. With a header, Balotelli says it all. Keep calm and give me some credit . A defeat for England in the openning, is it enough to write the team off? Not just yet in our opinion . The game is still open.