Rapper Will. I. AM donates 500,000 to Prince's Trust to boost science.

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July 3, 2014
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July 4, 2014

will I. amRapper and philanthropist Will I am has donated 500,000 to the Prince’s trust in a bid to inspire the next generation into world of science adding that youngsters should join the digital revolution instead of running into music as a way to survive. ‘Nowadays, the music  industry isn’t healthy he said. “If you want to do music because you love music then that’s awesome but if you want to do music to survive and get out of the ghetto then I have a better thing for you to do – consumer electronics.

“Be a technician, be an engineer, be a mathematician . The world needs more engineers . It’s important that kids be brought up to speed on where the world is going. They need to be given a shot and encouraged to take an interest , because the world is going to be different ten years from now and 20 years from now its totally different.”


willWill I am has been a  close friend of the royals and has made several donations to the Prince’s Trust which is charity working closely with young people to inspire and support them to a meaningful life.

Adding, the rapper says, “I’m proud that my work with the Prince’s trust is giving young people from vulnerable backgrounds the chance to join the digital revolution and make a valuable contribution to modern society”.

The fundraising director for the Trust Tara Leathers added, Will I am’s donation has been a catalyst for The Prince’s Trust, creating a momentum that has brought technology to the forefront of our work with young people.”