Meet Ollia Alexandra Rarisame the Russian heiress with passion for fashion

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A girl with passion for fashion, Ollia Alexandra Rarisame is 26 year old Russian socialite and heiress of a Russian oil magnate.ollia 1

Ollia can often be spotted at over-the-top, luxurious parties along with Greek and Russian shipping-heirs on St. Tropez Super Yachts. There is one guarantee, she is always “dressed to the nines” and wearing the latest fashion that rivals any celebrity woman today.

With her love for high fashion, Ollia Alexandra Rarisame has worked hard and founded her own fashion label – aptly named “Rarisame” {}. Ollia’s luxury clothing label is scheduled to launch later this year in the United Kingdom.
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For such a young age, Ollia Rarisame has “lived a lifetime.” Because of her past life experiences, it has molded her into the beautiful, entrepreneur that she is today.

Ollia was born in St. Petersburg in May of 1987. She didn’t live the stereo-typical childhood since her father was a popular political figure. This caused her family to constantly be in the spotlight – not always for the right reasons.

At age eight, her family moved to Ekaterinburg, Russia to be closer to her father’s company headquarters. Due to her father’s political involvement, not only did he receive death threats but sadly Ollia did as well. In addition, her family were also the victims of mob attacks, law enforcement harassment, assassination attempts, and even bomb attacks at the family home. Despite this very disruptive upbringing, it is another factor that drives her strong willed character as an adult.
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When asked to describe her chilling childhood, Ollia Rarisame replied, “It was a scary place to be in; I would wake up each morning to go to school, and would be afraid to leave the house till it was made sure that nobody was waiting or hiding nearby, up to this day, when it’s all in the past, I am paranoid about safety, and get scared if I see a man walking behind me on a street, thinking he may have bad intentions.”

Ollia’s family next enrolled her in a nearby, prestigious boarding school to try and shelter her. She states, “I was so young at the time, I didn’t realize the full situation so I was quite excited to move, even though the girls gave me a hard time at school and I was constantly bullied by them, because their boyfriends always stood up for me and always took my side which infuriated the girls even more! I had to grow up fast, I was such a child compared to the others.”
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As she grew up, Ollia continued her education at the university level and started to show a strong interest in the fashion industry. She continued perfecting her skills and expanding her love for the business at the London College of Fashion.

During school, Ollia was the resident stylist for her super-rich friends as well as her friends’ mothers. Her designer talent was quite evident as she consulted and provided them expert advice on what to wear and how to wear it. As she gained confidence and the continued approval from her peers, this drove her love of great style and the ambition to create her own luxury, fashion brand label – “Rarisame”.
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After finishing her University studies, she was involved in several high profile internships, including: Tatler (featured as a ‘Babe of the Month’), Valentino, Vogue and Bulgari.

Ollia Rarisame currently resides in Belgravia – in Central London. With her affluent lifestyle and luxury industry connections, Ollia is known as a Russian multi-millionaire, and is proud to have the very wealthy Abramovich family as her close friends.

In addition to her love for luxury fashion, Ollia keeps busy with many philanthropic ventures including her involvement in both the Serpentine Gallery Patron and Anti-Human Trafficking charities.
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Talent, drive and determination will take Ollia Alexandra Rarisame very far in life. Her extraordinary good looks and flare for the “good life” could well make her the next Kim Kardashian, as she’s close to launching her exciting new fashion line: “Rarisame” in the UK.
She has been extremely busy preparing for her brand launch by jetting between Paris, London and New York Fashion weeks. When asked about her exciting future, Ollia concludes, “Rarisame will be a one-way stop for women wanting great designs that complement the female form. Her collection will boast a combination of strong shapes that evoke empowerment and class, but with ultra-modern twists that gives the label its edge. My designs have been created to accentuate the female body in the right places. It is for women who don’t run for trends; instead, understand the importance of clean lines, great fit and modern elegance with an edge.”

She is in big media these days with her coverage’s in magazines like Vogue China, Arabian Woman, A Magazine, etc.

She is an inspiration for every girl who is willing to do something in her life. Proud to have such women between us.

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By- Mukul Jain