Why the war on Black kids in America?

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August 13, 2014
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August 18, 2014

By Faustina Anyanwu
I usually try to get over racism and do my best to work out how to carry on with my life and make it as productive as possible.  But what continues to unfold from the “land of dreams” , is beyond speechless. For crying out loud what is going on in our world. Why is the world so much against the Black race and what exactly is this war about ?
Racism 2
Since 2014, there is no single day we’re not faced with reports of innocent  young male African Americans being murdered in cold blood either by White racists or the police themselves . What worries most is the media’s total deliberate decision to blackout these acts of injustices. Then the unbelievable aspect being that not a word of condemnation comes out of the mouth of authorities.  And the most scary is how easy it is for these perpetrators to get away with such acts of violence. I mean innocent lives are being taken for no just cause and we all look on?

I was a fan of the first Black president but , day after day as these unfold, I’m beginning to wonder if all these ‘Black President’ thing were all a part of the agenda to shut the Black race down and exterminate us? I’m worried, I’m scared and I’m enraged not just for my life but for what may be in store for my young beautiful girls. I worry about their future and what the system has planned for them.  I’m also beginning to think, so this gun freedom agenda is actually a ready steady go war front  against the Black race in America. Shoot at sight is what I call it . What is going on I wonder? It has become a free for all against any one whose skin colour is black . In the video below, a bus driver beats up black man for no apparent reason.

Since January over 200 young innocent black kids have had their kids taken and no justice for these people. The Ferguson shooting of Michael Brown is the recent incident that has sparked a nation wide anger and demonstration which obviously got media attention because of the senseless looting that happened. What is going on? Are we going back to the slavery times? Or is this a sign of what is about to happen to the black race ?
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It’s so easy to blame the Black kid for not having a job, for being poor and anything negative. But no one is prepared to address the injustices that face the struggling young Black kid. As evidenced in this facebook comment obtained for your perusal. Why are Black kids being refused a life, a good life, job and just a life to live.
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This is a time for all humanists, civil rights activist and people of good will to begin to ask questions. What is going on why is there so much hatred against Black people. Why can’t we have justice as a people?