Africa fashion week Amsterdam is here!

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August 22, 2014
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August 26, 2014
Just few weeks after Africa fashion week London,  Amsterdam  has just announced  its own African inspired Fashion event: Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam (AFWA 2014). 20 African inspired fashion designers will present their new collections to an international audience in the World Fashion Centre on 30 and 31 August 2014.
International fashion scene
AFWA 2014 aims to emphasize the influence and contribution of African fashion designers in today’s international fashion scene.
Big Fashion Event
With the arrival of AFWA, Amsterdam is a unique three day event richer which will be organized on an annual basis. Never has the capital city of the Netherlands witnessed such a big multicultural fashion event before. DAY1 is intended to run a campaign around the hosting city Amsterdam and DAY2&3 are strictly the show days.
Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam
African as well as African inspired designers from the Netherlands and the rest of Europe will present their collections to an international audience in Amsterdam. This year 20 designers will present their collections through inspiring fashion shows, in order to titillate the fashion loving audience.
Fashion, music, inspiration & celebs
Expect an AFWA 2014 programme full of fashion by well known fashion brands such as BLACKPEARL SECRET, THOA, ARRIZ GOLDEN, FARIDA’s ATELIER and PATOU MANGA, Music, dance and inspirational words, presented several celebs such as international award-winning movie star, Ramsey Nouah. Even award winning celebrity Eryca Freemantle, known for her work as an international celebrity Makeup Artist and motivational speaker, will make her presence. As well as Miss Bess, Afro-pop-jazz singer and songwriter, Nabil Nabstar, KoloBoyz and Petit Bagaza who will move the audience with her music.
Tickets AWFA 2014
If you want to be part of this unique premiere of AFWA 2014, you can buy tickets at:
For more information, see the official AFWA website: