Can we look at the Germanwing crash with another lens?

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April 3, 2015
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April 5, 2015

We have been bombarded with the conclusion of Depression regarding the case of Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot suspected of deliberately crashing the Germanwings .

Personally, I’ve been trying to balance my judgement on this issue having been campaigning against depression. I’m torn between looking at it based on how the media would have portrayed this same action had it been by someone from a different race or religion.

So many questions have been going through my mind.

1. If Andreas Lubitz was that depressed to commit suicide, why didn’t the employers dictate it long before now. What is there no evident history of severe depression. Is he on medication? If so why was he allowed to still fly an aircraft.

2. He told his girlfriend sometime ago that he would do something surprising to the world and that everyone will know his name.

3. Was he depressed and he was able to dress up, leave his house, waited (possibly cheerfully) through the day till they boarded and he continued to wait to get the opportunity to do what he did. He waited for his co-pilot to step out before taking the horrendous decision to murder 144 people.

We’re told he intentionally crashed the aircraft and at the same time are told to sympathise with him . From all the media broadcast and releases, I haven’t seen or heard anyone condemn him and the act. The act is continually being blamed on depression. Yes Depression is the voiceless prey we can easily crucify for someone’s deliberate act. If depression was this easy to push one into such murderous act, then we all should be afraid of our lives, and in fact, air crafts should immediately be re-classified as safe means of transportation.

If Andreas was a Muslim , obviously without question, he would be labelled a terrorist and the act a terror attack. If he was a Black man, he would be labelled a thug and in fact he’s education and qualification as a pilot would be in question. Unlike in this case where no one seem to want to dig into his social,life, his credibility, his family, parents disposition and who he hangs out with as to determine his inner most intent for crashing and murdering innocent souls. I’ve seen all his images released by all media, and all suggest what a saintly guy to be pitied. No one has dogged into his Facebook account to find his real pictures and not his yearbook images.

It is a terrifying thing to witness , and to know that we’re lead to sympathise with the perpetrator instead of the hundreds of innocent souls killed in this terror act regardless of why. And shouldn’t terror be terror ? Or does something else have to make a terror what it is. If you’re terrified by an act, have you not been terrorised by the act , therefore the actor should be a terrorist.

If at all we want to fight terrorism, then we all should start to be more objective in looking at all case and finding the underlining causes for all people who commit crime and not label some and exonerate a few. We need to think again if we want peace for all mankind.