Video: Outrage as another innocent Blackman is gunned down by White Police

Ben McBean . Everyday Heroes of our time.
April 8, 2015
April 9, 2015

A police officer in American will go on to handcuff his murder victim to feel safe? How cowardly can it get? The murder victim has to be the one to prove himself innocent even after he has been given the death sentence without judgement and the sicko racists out there think its funny when people go out to march against injustices. I’m outraged, I’m angry and I’m now totally disgusted and no longer have any atom of faith in what is called justice system. The civilisation of America means = ” Give racist murderers badge and send them on Black man hunting spree, award them and promote them based on how many they can kill.” This is America. This is the American Dream!

It is called the land of freedom but never for a Blackman . The United states of America should bury its head in shame as their hypocritical natures gets more and more exposed.  The number of Black men and Women murdered in cold blood by the same people who are to protect them is uncountable.  The most horrifying of it all is the carelessness to which Fox news and its cronies goes to rubbish the image of not just the murder victim but the entire image of a race.

As annoying as it can get, its no longer a surprise to know that a cop will wake up in the US of A , dresses it and goes hunting for a Black man in a broad day light knowing that whatever happens, he the police would always be compensated for killing innocent Blacks.

What surprises me though is that the same US of A who has never and will never protect her Black  citizens will come out in the world that they have created so much chaos to accuse other people, nations, race, religion etc of terrorism. Is it possible that this same people can ever be of peace. Can we now see why the UN has never been for the unity of nations rather division of nations. Can they ever care for the same people the hunt as animals?

Honestly, dogs, cats, chicken and any form of animal has more right and deserve to live in the US more than any Blackman.  Everyone is quick to blame the Islamist extremist and their killing, but we’re cool with the everyday killing of innocent Black men and we somehow hope to have peace in the world? America, you are only digging your own grave and that of your children’s children if you the White not racist ones do not speak out and be outraged at these injustices.  As many as who condone these killings, and go on to label Blacks as criminals should begin to re-evaluate their own lives.  This has got to stop! This has got to stop. Giving murderers licence to go and hunt down Black men in the guise of police has got to stop. The world is watching and history will not fail to unmask your did.

I’m trying hard to compose myself to put this out. But its no longer necessary that I write coherently but to make sure the message comes out. The time has come for all state murdered victims be given justice so they can at least rest in peace.

Obama, the world is watching you right now, right there! If you are not brave enough to stand up for this broad day light murder, and you’re not brave enough to die for the truth, today I give up on you and wonder what legacy your leadership will leave. The world is carefully watching you just as you warned Nigerian President Jonathan on the election of a sovereign nation, so the world is watching you today. Justice for Walter Scot.