Menelik Shabazz Founder BFMIFF
Menelik Shabazz Founder BFMIFF
After a long absence of 4 years, the bfmiff2015 returns to London. The festival will take place from Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th July 2015 at The Bernie Grant Arts Centre, Haringey, London.
. BFMIFF was founded in 1998 by Menelik Shabazz who is one of the leading pioneers in black British film and TV. Best known for the cult classic ‘Burning An Illusion 1981’ and most recently ‘The Story of Lovers Rock 2011’. Shabazz has worked in the British film and TV industry for nearly 40 years and has produced work for ITV, BBC, Channel 4 as well as independently. BFMIFF has become the longest running black independent film festival in the UK.

Bfmiff2015 has been instrumental in creating a platform for UK black filmmakers and for audiences to engage with their work alongside international films drawn from the USA, Europe, Africa, Caribbean, South America and beyond.

Bfmiff2015 will continue this range with a strong line-up of films to include features, documentaries and animation alongside industry-led workshops and seminars.
Bfmiff2015 Founder, Menelik said, “I am proud to present the 12th Edition of the bfm International Film Festival this year. We continue to give audiences the best in black world cinema as well as being a platform for film & TV industry seminars and workshops. The black independent sector has long been starved of opportunities to engage with industry as well as to present their work. The festival will/has become the gateway for such engagement.”

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bfmiff2015 seeks sponsorship and partnerships. Previous collaborations have come from Film London, the BBC, The Independent, BFI and The American Embassy.

BLACK BRITISH ACTORS – A Celebration from Menelik Shabazz on Vimeo.