Babatunde Loye (CANUK leader  left and Nigeria Ambassador to the UK Dr. TAFIDA
Babatunde Loye (CANUK leader left and Nigeria Ambassador to the UK Dr. TAFIDA

As Nigeria celebrates its successful and peace transition of power in the just concluded presidential election, Nigerian’s in UK – The Central Association of Nigerian in UK have also elected their new leader – Babatunde Loye.
The election was a very tight one between the three very strong candidates for the post – Ronke Udofia – Nigerian Women in Diaspora Leadership Form Boma Douglas – Nigerian Engineering Forum and Tunde Loye – Association of African Insurance Professionals. ON Saturday, 11.4.2015, Babatunde emerged the winner. Tons of Nigerians in UK send their congratulatory message to the able winner as the commiserate with the others who didn’t make it.

Who is Babatunde Loye

Babatunde Loye is the U.K AGENCY EXECUTIVE MANAGER at METLIFE EUROPE, member of Association of African Insurance Professionals.

Educational Background:
Babatunde received his Bsc, MANAGEMENT AND ACOUNTING at Obafemi Awolowo University Nigeria,1992 – 1998 and MBA in Finance and Marketing at University of Kent, 2001 – 2002.

In the last 15, he has successful made impact in the financial protection business, one of life’s achievers, with a track record of growing teams and developing people to enable them to reach their goals.
Notable for his high motivational approach, work ethic and strong leadership skills in a protection business within a global Financial Services organisation. Recognised as a successful leader in distributing MetLife financial protection products through a customer focused & advised sales process.

With his top leadership profile and experience, Nigerians in the UK are optimistic that he will take the association to the next level.