Lebara Mobile presents the UK Premiere of Murderer-in-Law

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May 22, 2015
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May 22, 2015

Theodora premiereMurderer In-law is a story of Lola and TJ, both in a relationship. Lola lives with her friend whilst TJ lives at home with his mother who sees Lola as a threat to her relationship with her son.

Lola and TJ’s mother hold nothing back in showing their dislike towards each other, with Lola determined not to let anyone or anything come between her and the love of her life. Seeing that staying apart from a very busy TJ, was resulting in his mother getting an upper hand, and also coming to terms with the saying that ”Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” Lola decided to manipulate her way into TJ’s home.

Lola got her way with TJ and once she was under the same roof with TJ and his mother, there was nothing both women would not do to rip each other apart. The game started, the pranks started, the mischief started and when Lola realised she needed to up her game to get TJ’s mum out of her way, she decided to bring in her ”Mother”.

With the arrival of Lola’s mother, the game changed and TJ’s mother was furious and she singlehandedly fought her battle. Lola and her mother decided to take it to another level and through their manipulative ways got TJ to agree to Lola’s mother having a help in the house……………. Things got out of hand, secrets are revealed, what are these women up to? Will TJ be able to make a choice? Who is this woman that Lola has brought into TJ’s home? And who will NOT survive this unfolding drama?

Murderer-in-law is a Comedy-Drama full of Suspense, Love, Deceit, Manipulation, Secrets and WHAT ELSE……


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