Stay away from polyesters this summer and avoid unwanted body odours

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Nothing as embarrassing as body odour. You may have done everything in you know, only to find you still have that odour oozing embarrassingly. Especially for women who are more prone to more activities, sweat, heat and subsequent body odours.Shop Jay Jays Double Deals Storewide! Valid while stocks last

Women have several other heat stores and sweat banks aside the armpit. If it’s not underneath your breast, it could be one fold or another. The reality is women’s body can generate more heat than men due to hormonal changes through their menstrual cycle. Therefore will stay more vulnerable to body odours.Up to 50% off in the Sale with 30% off Non Sale items

Apart from the heat and sweats, some external things have been discovered to increase the rate at which one may be more susceptible to ooze some unwanted smells. One of those freshness killers is what you’re wearing. The type of fabric you’re wearing can be a growing depot for microbes that combines with your body dead cells and sweat to bring about an unwanted odour.The Body Shop UK

Synthetic materials especially polyesters researchers at the University of Ghent in Belgium found that Polyester makes a happy home for Micrococcus bacteria, while Staphylococcus, commonly seen underarm, was found on both poly and cotton. So it goes to show that polyester materials harbour more bacteria than cottons.

Although polyester wears can be light, dries faster and are more comfortable, but they’re known culprit for ranking high on causing body odours. Also it’s a fact that this odour is rarely removed by washing the clothes or soaking in various substances as the bacterial often get embedded in the fabric to resurface in the warm coziness of your body.Puma

To stay odour free through the summer heat and beyond, certain habits may be adopted. For instance; deodorants, wearing loose fitted wears, avoiding certain materials eg – polyester , and using sponge to scrub off dead cells during shower or baths. Use of perfumes can also be beneficial. Avoid crowded places and staying directly under the sun, and making sure your underarm hairs are shaven and tidy.Up to 50% off in the Sale with 30% off Non Sale items