A child with a hole in the heart receives funding from a grassroots charity.

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c-300x134Earlier this year Star Children Initiative embarked on a fundraising campaign – ‘Save a Child’s life project’. The project successfully raised over £3000 for little Jomiloju.
Jomiloju is a child living with Down Syndrome and also has a Hole in her and an imminent life saving operation was needed as there was no fund, the grassroots charity stepped in. Little Jomiloju is one over a thousand children with disability on the charity’s data base in Nigeria. According to research, it is estimated that 30million people are living with disabilities in Nigeria (UN)

Mrs Grace Alexander founder Star Children Initiative.

Mrs Grace Alexander founder Star Children Initiative.

The charity founder Mrs Grace Alexander tells us why she embarked on this urgent appeal.
“Star Children Initiative is NOT-FOR PROFIT organization that provides practical and sustainable solutions to the challenges faced by children with disabilities and their primary care-givers. As a grassroots organisation, the overall well-being of any child living with disability is very paramount to us.
Jomiloju has a hole in her heart which makes it difficult for her to breathe. Prone to pneumonia, bronchiolitis and viral infection. Constantly in pain and cries all the time. The pain is too much for her fragile little body to bear.
The side effects of having a HOLE in her heart would adversely affect her overall development and can be life threatening for her. Her parents are poor, they barely live on £40 a month. It’s very difficult for them to raise the large sum of money needed for their daughter’s operation. I knew I had to act very fast to make this a reality for Jomuloju and her parents. I contacted Down Syndrome Foundation Nigeria who have been taking children with Down Syndrome and also have Hole in their hearts to India for this important live saving operation. From our discussion with Down Syndrome Foundation Nigeria, we realized that the success rate for these children’s heart surgery in India is very high, we decided to collaborate with them regarding Jomiloju’s life-saving operation. We coordinated an appeal for financial assistance through gofundme of which we were able to raise £1,095.”
Continuing she said, “my team also worked tirelessly to appeal to other organizations, churches, individuals for financial support towards Jomiloju’s urgent life saving surgery. In total, we were able to raise I million Naira equivalent of £3,450. I would like to use this medium to thank all those who donated to save Jomiloju. I also want to thank Star Children Team for tirelessly campaigning towards this crucial ‘Save A Child’s Life Project’ for Jomiloju.

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