Ramblings of an Author short stories new column coming on C. Hub magazine

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RamblingsA6-3Announcing a new column on C. Hub magazine by our new columnist and story teller Ibitola Ojoye- Adebayo.
The new column which will become an extension of The Ramblings of an Author Show presented by Ibitola would be a short story segment exclusively told in C. Hub magazine every quarter. This is brought to strengthen the creative vision and objectives of the magazine which is to give voice and space for endless creative works. Storytelling is one of the most useful ways Africans communicate, pass down beliefs and values to next generation. Our ancestors have been able to preserve our heritage through storytelling and it would be great to capture this aspect of creativity too.
Ramblings of an Author – Short stories in C. Hub magazine column will take readers through a journey into the mind of our columnist, award winning author Ibitola Ojoye-Adebayo as she unleashes series of exceptionally crafted fictional stories that will not only bring nostalgic feelings of the moonlit folktale days but will also engage the readers even more.
Faustina Anyanwu Chief editor says, “it’s a great move for us as we expand our horizon in making sure every aspect of creativity is represented in our magazine. Ibitola particularly is a young writer I’ve fallen in love with her style of writing. Her simple yet quality use of words and construction of sentences is what draws me in. I have no doubt this will add to the already super quality content that C. Hub has been known for.”

AcceptanceIbitola Ojoye-Adebayo award winning Author, creator and Talk show host of The ramblings of an Author show says,”since tapping into my inner ability I never knew I had. I feel I’m a mind that has truly been let loose to the world in so many ways. I am really excited in having a column in C.Hub Magazine to further expand my new brand ‘The Ramblings of an Author’ which is currently making waves and I know with this new addition to the mix, I will be divulging my inner creativity.
My short stories promise not only to be a regular in C-hub Magazine but a favourite–one that every reader would look forward to. It would also allow me to have a platform to engage more with readers of the column in particular and C-hub magazine in general.”

Ibitola Ojoye-Adebayo is an award winning Nigerian author . Her first two novels – Acceptance and Acceptance into the darkness’ has be truly successful selling over 20,000 copies since it’s release. Ibitola now on the quest to promoting other authors and expanding her writing experience, will continue to share her work through the creative platform of C. Hub magazine. Her books are now available on amazon and other book stores.
Follow Ibitola on twitter – @Ibi_O_Adebayo