Lift Effects award opens nominations.

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December 15, 2015
December 16, 2015

lift effectsLIFT EFFECTS opens nominations for the global search for those special women who are worthy and deserve a STAR AWARD for sacrificing themselves selflessly and for giving their financial support tirelessly for the sake of others.

Now in it’s second year, The Extraordinary Lady Speaks conference is set to beat even it’s set record of 2015 which saw 60 women presented with STAR AWARDS. For 2016, the team want to see 100 women given recognition for their virtuous conduct.

“The Extraordinary Lady Speaks Conference and STAR AWARDS are initiatives to recognize the ladies in our communities who are role models in the world we live in, where many are searching for such people and to assure the world that such people do exit, despite what is going on around the world,” said Sandra Nelson, the founder of LIFT EFFECTS.

“What these ladies do is beyond the STAR AWARD recognition but it tells a story of their journey and the strength of their story lets us know that we is possible.

“These ladies are STARS in their own right, they are everyday ladies doing extraordinary things and giving all they have, not because they have in abundance but because they know that the world depends on them and people depend on them to survive. We want to celebrate these ladies in the face of adversities in the world today and to let them know that someone sees what they are doing and we care, so that they can keep shinning the light for others.”

To nominate yourself or someone else for a STAR AWARD send a 300 word statement highlighting the difference that the nominee has made, on or before February 28th, 2016, to: LIFTEFFECTS@HOTMAIL.COM

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