An obvious outraged citizen listed  for sale UK Prime Minister David Cameron on the popular auction site , Ebay following the revelations of his father’s offshore tax haven as disclosed in the Panama papers.

The listing which has now been taken down after a few bids is the most hilarious reactions to these new findings.

The listing reads, “For parts or not working”.

“Used prime Minister”. No longer needed. Needs a bit of TLC . No box or instructions . Buyer must collect. Seller not prepared to touch item.”

Cameron_ebay1The bidding reached a total of £69,900 before it was taken down and still remained 5 days.  I would say, Prime Minister still would have made lots of money for the UK economy though.  Unfortunately, we won’t know how much exactly that would have been since the bid has now been removed.

Few days after the tax avoidance revelations , video  emerged showing Labour Veteran MP Dennis Skinner referred to  the Prime Minister as, “Dodgy Dave”. He was reprimanded by the Speaker and asked to withdraw the adjective for which he maintained his stands. He was later sent out of the commons by the speakers.

Since then, more and more memes mocking the Prime Minister continue to surface all over social media.