Finally every woman gets a chance a beauty with Lancôme’s latest campaign.

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March 3, 2017
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My shade my power. Finally every woman gets a chance a beauty with Lancôme’s latest campaign.

Last year, one of my campaigns was on lack of diversity in the beauty and entertainment industry. I spoke extensively on the ills of the society, foisting negative narratives about people who look different from the western majority. The Documentary which followed my one day at work garnered a lot of support from many women because it said what most people were thinking .

It has been a nightmare for women to see a very narrow definition of beauty in the mainstream media and beauty industry. However, it is so refreshing to wake up to 2017 International women’s month to discover that finally every woman can see herself as beautiful with Lancôme’s new campaign; My shade my power.

Attend the Divas of Colour International Women’s Festival

The campaign which is a powerful re-launch of Lancome’s best-selling Ultra Wear foundation in 40 beautiful shades, Lancôme have found one inspiring woman to represent each skin tone. The campaign is not only empowering for women as a beauty assurance, but it helps to dismantle the narrow narrative that a woman is only about make-up and dressing up but, gives women the assurance that you can be who you want to be with or without make-up and that it I your choice that matters most.

“At Lancôme, we believe there’s never been a better time to be a woman. You can be an Olympic athlete, a neuroscientist, a DJ, a movie director…. And whatever you decide to achieve, your make-up should have you covered.”

What excites me even more is the fact that they have not used the well known faces in the beauty industry yet again, but have gone beyond the beauty industry norm to pluck out a regular woman doing their regular job. That is powerful and for that, I drop my hat for Lancôme.

Divas of Colour 18th March 2017

40 shades of foundation.
40 incredible women.

Ade Hassan . My shade my power.

You can follow the my shade my power campaign here

Faustina Anyanwu
Faustina Anyanwu
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