Meet 2017 CA Awards Directors appointed by C. Hub Magazine .

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CA Awards Directors (Emeka Anyanwu, Prof Rotimi Jayesimi, Faustina Anyanwu, Geoffrey Odur, Chief Ayo Oyebade, Dr Brighton Chireka, Prince Ezem Ihenacho)

CA Awards Directors (Emeka Anyanwu, Prof Rotimi Jayesimi, Faustina Anyanwu, Geoffrey Odur, Chief Ayo Oyebade, Dr Brighton Chireka, Prince Ezem Ihenacho)

To maintain its prestige and high rating of CA awards, C. Hub magazine executive directors appoint highly reputable and highly respected professionals to oversee the affairs and determine the smooth running of this year’s award.

The CA Awards Directors otherwise known as board of electros make sure the process of nominations, shortlisting and awarding of the wards and recognitions are transparent and without bias. They will provide invaluable perspective to CA Awards to continue to build on the strong momentum by continuously working to recognise hard working and great contributors of our society.

C. Hub Magazine CEO and publisher, Emeka Anyanwu said; “With the right team, we can boast of the credibility of the award as not just another award but one that the receivers will be proud of. These are highly talented individuals brought together around a common sets of values and beliefs. I have no doubts this year’s CA award with continue to impact lives.”

This year under the chairmanship of Professor Rotimi Jaiyesimi, (Associate Medical Director for patient safety.), the board of directors continue to maintain the high standard and vision for which CA Awards was created.

Other members of CA awards Directors include:
Emeka Anyanwu (Publisher and CEO C. Hub Magazine)

Chief Ayo Oyebade (Film producer actor and Accountant)

Eze Ihenacho (Renowned author, philosopher and Mental Health practitioner)

Faustina Anyanwu (Chief Editor C. Hub magazine and Entrepreneur),

Dr Chireka Brighton (GP and Medical Director)

Geoffrey Odur (Housing professional and Entrepreneur.

The 2017 awards dinner will be held on the 25th November in London.


About CA award

CA award (CREATIVE AFRICANS AWARD also known as CREATVITY AWARD) is a C. Hub magazine initiative to further cement the purpose of C. Hub magazine which is to promote, recognise, inspire creativity and innovation within African and Caribbean community.
CA award is one of the prestigious and desired awards by any creative achieving individual in the wider African and Caribbean community within and beyond UK.

CA award is strategically positioned to attract high quality, respectable achievers, the crème of people of African and Caribbean origin, the hardest to reach audience who are the drivers of the communities market.
CA award is a huge platform for Creatives, entrepreneurs, and career individuals. Nominations will open to the public on the 1st of May 2017. For updates and announcements click here.

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