Watch as Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria shuts down racists at the Air Force Academy

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Lt. Gen Jay Silvera

Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria shows the much needed leadership in the face of growing racial divide that continues to rock the intergrity of the United States government, as he shuts down racists at the Air Force Academy, following an incident where racial slurs where written on the doors of Black Cadets urging them to go home N*****.

Lt. Gen Jay Silvera simplifies the entire debate that no one wants to honesty touch, even as NFL players clash with President Trump for protesting for the discrimination and oppression of people of colour in the country. The Gen said, “In case you are unsure where I stand on this, If you can’t treat people with respect and dignity, then get out.”

His speech in every way has shown leadership based on responsibility, ownership and control by positive example. He makes his word loud and clear that racism and bigotry is and will never be accepted under his leadership and President Trump would need some leadership training from him.

Clear and Simple: “If you cannot treat people with dignity and respect, you need to get out.” – Lt. Gen Jay Silvera

Faustina Anyanwu
Faustina Anyanwu
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