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December 22, 2017
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Red is the perfect statement lipstick for New Year’s Eve. It is a makeup classic and it never fails to look sophisticated. We have put together a little guide that should help you to find the perfect red lipstick that not only looks great, but makes you feel great.

Determine Your Undertone

Your jewellery collection can help you here. If you prefer silver and how it looks on you then you are likely to have cool undertones. However, if you’re all about gold then you probably have warm undertones. If you like wearing both and feel they both suit you then then you may have a neutral undertone.

You can also tell by looking at your wrists. If the veins appear blue your undertone is cool but if they look almost greenish then your undertone is warm. Another hint is by how well you tan. If you go brown and don’t burn you may have a warm undertone. Those who don’t tan and tend to burn have a cool undertone.

Warm Undertones 

If you have warm undertones red lipsticks with an orange or red tone suit you best and these give more of a modern look.

Cool Undertones 

If you have a cool undertone then red lipsticks with a blue tone are for you and they give a more retro look.

Tips for wearing red

Decide how you want your lips to look

Darker lipsticks make your lips look thinner where as lighter shades make them look plumper. Matte lipsticks also have a thinning effect so for a fuller look choose a gloss or shimmery shade.

Test before buying

 Don’t be afraid to try before you buy. Head to a makeup counter as they are there to help and advise you on which shades should suit you best.

Get the look

For a chic look pair your red lipstick with neutral eye shadow and a little black mascara. If you prefer a more glamorous style then a classic cat eye with a slick of black liner is perfect for you.
Gemma Dorling
Gemma Dorling
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