Ugandan Explorer, Sir Milton Allimadi discovers River Gulu in London, UK.

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Sir Milton Allimadi who discovered River Gulu.

Sir Milton Allimadi who discovered River Gulu.

Professor Milton Allimadi, a renowned journalist has made a groundbreaking discovery during his expedition of the popular Queen’s land of England.

Prof. Allimadi on Relationship between Africa and The West.

On 23rd April 2019 when Mr Allimadi made the discovery in London, he did not hesitate to give the river a “proper name” since it seemed the locals had never noticed the river and had no name for it.

An obvious mockery of the documented narrative by European colonisers who flaunted their story of having discovered places and nature – from mountains to rivers and lands in African and other places, Milton, shares the picture of himself showing the discovered river behind him via his Facebook account with the caption;

“I discovered the river you see behind me here in London. I don’t know what the natives call it but I gave it a proper name – River Gulu. Continuing he wrote, “Like Samuel Baker, you can now call me Sir Milton… Who discovered River Gulu in London.”

The sarcasm has long gone viral as it has been a hugely welcomed news among Africans who have for so long tried to refute the narrative of their iconic landmarks being discovered by Europeans who take credit for these false and demeaning ‘discoveries’.

Sir Allimadi’s discovery is encouraging all Africans everywhere in the West to do the same, discover landmarks and give them ‘proper names’. It has now become a movement for Africans to begin to reclaim their identities and own their things using this obvious sarcasm to exposure the lies of the colonial era.

One Facebook follower said, ” Sir Milton, Did you learn more about the ways of life of this primitive tribe from your native guides? I would love to read more about your discovery, and this tribe.”

“Hahahaha that’s a comeback, just like how white folks came down to Africa and claimed they discovered rivers our forefathers have been bathing and fishing in, even going further to rename them, funny Europeans. Congrats sir Milton, the scientist.”

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