Anthony Joshua

Like a seed, Joshua should go as the underdog in today’s bout. As a fan, I’m wondering what the outcome will look like. Joshua should prepare for the worst and also prepare for the best. 

Why do I tell Anthony Joshua this, as the underdog you have to prepare for the worst, it can only go one way – a win. But for Andy Ruiz, he either goes up or down.

One thing about seed is it knows that ‘less is more. Joshua has to go on offensive believing in his heart that he has all it takes to win the fight. Confidence is the key. David went against Goliath, attacking him never defensive. This shows clarity and focus. Vagueness was the primary reason why Joshua lost with Ruiz. There has to be a sense of vision and mission. Joshua has to believe he is destined for greatness and that will certainly radiate outward, just as the crown creates an aura around a king both in Saudi Arabia and in the world in general.

As a king of the ring believing so firmly Himself will make him not to be subject to his environment because we cannot control what happens around us but we have control over what we think. The mindset of a boxer counts. You might have the whole power in the world but lack the mental strength, you’re a loser. It is like you have power but lack authority. Your authority is your mental strength.

Joshua is already bruised, he should go for crushing Andy Ruiz’s head. For him to do that he has to understand Ruiz’s background. His grandfather owned a boxing gym in Mexicali that used by featherweight champion Jorge Paez. Like Tyson fury he came from a boxing background, in any fight, you can’t discount this advantage. Ruiz according to a commentator has explained before that his nickname, “Destroyer” has been acquired before he began his boxing career. “I was always destroying stuff,” Andy Ruiz said. This calls for great attention.

The whole world was in shock runs an advert as Ruiz produced the greatest sporting upset in a century. Could he do it again? Whatever his excuse, his performance was not up to it. While it was a great night for Ruiz but it was not for Anthony Joshua who was favoured to win it. It was disappointing for his fans. But it was not embarrassment after all Joshua brought him down before he came counter punching and blinded Joshua. 

I listen to a lot of trash talk from Joshua’s critics, that the fight was a travesty and Joshua’s lacklustre standard wasn’t what one could expect from a champ, they forgot it was a fight it could go any way, you cannot discredit a boxer because he lost. Great fighters had once lost the fight but a better fight is one who lost and made comeback. 

I strongly believe Joshua is making a comeback today to become the best heavyweight champion ever. Today is an opportunity for Joshua to establish himself as one of the best boxers in the world. He should leave his farcical fight with Ruiz behind and make us proud. 
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Bravo! Bravo!! Bravo!!!.