Actor, Noel Clarke Accused of Sexual Misconduct.

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Noel Clarke

Clarke is accused of:

  • Sexual harassment.
  • Unwanted touching or groping.
  • Sexually inappropriate behaviour and comments on set.
  • Professional misconduct, taking and sharing sexually explicit pictures and videos without consent.
  • Bullying between
  • All accusations said to have happened between 2004 and 2019.

In an explosive exclusive publication, The guardian Newspaper has revealed that a total of 20 women have come forward to accused the British actor and producer of sexual misconduct.

One of the women who have levelled accusation on Mr Clarke and who has spoken to The Guardian is Gina Powell who worked for Clarke as a producer between September 2014 and March 2017, producing Brotherhood.

Ms Powell alleges that Clarke “constantly harassed her, on one occasion telling her that, when he hired her, he had planned “to fuck her and fire her” before deciding to keep her on. She also alleges that Clarke would brag about storing sexually explicit pictures and videos on his hard drive, including footage he told her he had secretly filmed during naked auditions.”

Powell also says, “Clarke once showed her a secretly recorded video of one such audition with Jahannah James, an actor in Brotherhood.” An incident according to The Guardian investigation, she said she had told four other people about, including Jahannah. The naked audition had taken place more than four years previously, for the film Legacy. A story which Jahannah James confirms, recalling how Clarke had talked her into doing it as she had been hesitant. She had just graduated from drama school.

Guardian reports that James was just 23 years at the time and subsequently withdrew from the running of the role as she didn’t want one of her first acting roles to be nude. James recalls how emotionally draining it had been. “I was so upset,” James recalls. “Now, years later, I still cry when I talk about it.”

According to the Guardian report, Clarke helped James get into drama school, when she was 22, and secured a discount on her fees. After she finished, in the summer of 2012, she says, Clarke joked about going upstairs to have sex in a hotel where they were meeting. She believes she and other alleged victims were “young and naive” when Clarke gave them professional opportunities and “that’s why this has taken so long to come out”.

“I want people to know because I hate the idea that he can secretly film young actresses – who have no idea that they’re not supposed to be getting naked in auditions – and go on to get a Bafta,” says James.

– Jahannah James – Victim of sexual harassment.

Another woman alleges that Clarke had given her a slap on the buttocks and had also sent her a snapchat photo of a d##k via email.

Synne Seltveit a Norwegian film producer had met Clarke through Powell.

“On 23 July 2015, Seltveit sent an email from her production company account, thanking him for the weekend and expressing an interest in working with him one day. Clarke replied, from his Unstoppable account. “Great meeting you,” he said. “Would love to work with you one day.” A second email arrived. “Also. Sent you some Snapchats. Have a look.” When Seltveit checked Snapchat, Clarke had sent her a picture of a naked, erect penis. Seltveit showed the Guardian a copy of the “dick pic”, which was labelled as having been shared with her by Clarke.”

Other allegations include:

Clarke allegedly shared inappropriate images of Ieva Sabaliauskaite, a production assistant on Brotherhood. “At the wrap party on 21 December 2015, Sabaliauskaite was on the dancefloor, showing colleagues her abilities as a former gymnast, including doing the splits. The next day, Sabaliauskaite saw Clarke in the production office, surrounded by a group of people. “They were sniggering and looking at me,” she says.

Sabaliauskaite says Clarke was showing them a photo he had taken of her in a compromising position, her underwear visible. Three other witnesses told the Guardian they recalled Clarke boasting about his photograph of Sabaliauskaite. Sabaliauskaite says she remembers the image of her knickers on Clarke’s phone so clearly that she “could draw it”. She recalls feeling mortified: “It’s kind of a massive humiliation.”

Several other women also allege that Clarke would at times subject them to unwanted physical contact, kissing them, groping them or subjecting them to unsolicited sexual behaviour.

Noel is one of UK’s most successful actor and filmmaker. His fame came following his role in Doctor WHO playing Mickey, Clarke is also well known for playing Sam in the films Kidulthood, Adulthood and Brotherhood, which he also wrote and directed. His three films Kidulthood (2006), Adulthood (2008) and Brotherhood (2016) were were all well received for their portrayal of inner-city life and made well over £8m in the box office.

Partners, sponsors and awarding bodies including Sky, Bafta and colleagues are beginning to disassociate themselves from the embattled actor and producer.

Sky suspends filming on Bulletproof. Statement: “Sky stands against all forms of sexual harassment and bullying and takes any allegations of this nature extremely seriously. Effective immediately, we have halted Noel Clarke’s involvement in any future Sky productions.”

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