In a landmark event held in Johannesburg, South Africa, Mulk International and Zimbabwe Global Investments unveiled Zim Cyber City, a groundbreaking property development poised to transform Zimbabwe into a hub for innovation, sustainability, and lucrative opportunities.

The unveiling, attended by media, prospective investors, and potential partners, marks a significant milestone in the official global launch of this visionary project. Zim Cyber City is set to redefine Africa’s narrative as a centre for cutting-edge advancements, attracting investors from across the continent and the world.

A Catalyst for Local Prosperity and Global Investment

Ms. Tendayi Hlupo-Mamvura, CEO of Zim Cyber City, emphasised the urgent need for Africa to cultivate opportunities for its people, fostering growth and success through state-of-the-art facilities in retail, residential, and business sectors. She articulated a bold vision for Zim Cyber City, aiming to create a ‘Dubai of Africa’ that stands as a testament to innovation, sustainability, and economic incentives.

A World-Class Property Development Offering Prime Investment Choices

From high-end residential real estate to state-of-the-art commercial offices and retail spaces, Zim Cyber City offers a spectrum of investment opportunities in the vibrant Mount Hampden region. This iconic landmark project is set to elevate Africa’s profile on the international investment map.

Investment Highlights:

  • Lavish villas and luxurious townhouses
  • A duty-free mall
  • Pre-approved mortgage in USD
  • Transactions fixed in USD
  • A tax-free period of 5 years, followed by a flat 15% tax thereafter

A Commitment to Sustainable Construction Practices

Zim Cyber City is characterized by its architectural brilliance, international sophistication, state-of-the-art smart technology, and commitment to sustainable construction practices, establishing a distinctive advantage in the fiercely competitive real estate market.

A Secure and Credible Investment

The project’s security and credibility are underscored by the approval from Zimbabwe Global Investments (ZGI) operating under the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and the endorsement of the project by His Excellency Emmerson Mnangagwa, the President of Zimbabwe.

A Golden Opportunity to Partake in Zimbabwe’s Thriving Real Estate Landscape

For investors seeking a transformative and lucrative venture, Zim Cyber City represents a golden opportunity to partake in the future of Zimbabwe’s and Africa’s thriving real estate landscape.

Mulk International’s Commitment to Delivering a World-Class Property Development

In a virtual personal message to the attendees of today’s event, Mr. Shaji Mulk stated that Mulk International is committed to delivering, through the special economic status channel of Zimbabwe Global Investments, a world-class property development.

Zim Cyber City: A Strategic Move Positioning Mulk International at the Forefront of Pioneering Opportunities on the Continent

Mulk International’s first venture into Africa signifies a crucial step into African investment, leveraging the continent’s breathtaking locations and unparalleled growth prospects. Zim Cyber City presents a unique African investment opportunity, seamlessly integrating technology, security, and sophistication.

Zim Cyber City invites you to invest in your future amidst the promising landscape of Africa—a strategic move that positions Mulk International at the forefront of pioneering opportunities on the continent.