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C.Hub magazine is the first and only Afro-creative magazine in the UK. It is the only magazine that tells the story behind every creativity, and is hailed the most authentic and informative African magazine in the UK and US and has been generously recognised both in the UK and US.

C. Hub magazine is the 21st century African elite favourite magazine. The most widely read luxury African magazine in the UK, connecting with a huge number of audience of males and females in the diaspora globally, between the ages of 25 to 50 years, who are working class professionals. C. Hub magazine is read in over 100 countries of the world especially through the App and online editions.

C. Hub magazine combines a high quality well researched content , design, print and reader engagement to tell unique and positive stories of Afro-Caribbean creativity.

Since the first year of its launch in 2012, C. Hub magazine has taken the first spot both in readership, quality content and diverse opinion. Selectively reaching the core economic powerhouse of African Diaspora. In less than 3 years, C. Hub magazine was overwhelmingly voted the best African magazine of the year, preceding its launch of 100 most influential people – to become first ever African magazine to take sure boldness in the UK.

C. Hub magazine has continued to maintain a quality and loyal readership across the globe of; 400,000 monthly web visits, 20,000 digital subscribers, 5000+ print subscribers with over 10,000 print distributions to partner corporate offices in UK mainly.

CEO and Executive publisher, Emeka Anyanwu said; “C. Hub Magazine is created to give Afro-Caribbean talents, brands and thought leaders, the opportunity to have a voice in global branding, which is at the core of our objectives. Therefore we are happy to work with organisations, brands, businesses and individuals to give them quality coverage and opportunity for them to reach their global audience, thus increase their brand market value.”

C. Hub magazine is widely known and respected for it’s highly quality no nonsense high end approach in spotlighting and giving exposure to great African talents, weaving stories that only inform, educate and entertain their audience. And cementing the true vision of giving African creativity it’s most deserving place in the world through quality coverage, C. Hub magazine launched the flagship most prestigious award, CA Awards (Creative Africans Awards) which recognises excellence in creativity, enterprise and leadership among African and Caribbean talents worldwide.

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