Deck the Halls Sustainably: Eco-Friendly Last-Minute Christmas Ideas from South Devon College

Feeling the festive crunch? Need gift ideas that are kind to your wallet and the planet? South Devon College has you covered with these last-minute tips for a sustainable Christmas!

Skip the predictable socks and sweaters this Christmas. Give your loved ones the gift of learning, laughter, and maybe even a new obsession!

  • Unleash their inner artist: Surprise them with an evening course at your local college (South Devon College has a treasure trove of options, from ceramics to photography!). It’s the perfect taster for a new skill, a chance to meet new people, and who knows, they might discover their next masterpiece.
  • Thrifting for treasures: Forget brand new, embrace the pre-loved! Charity shops and online marketplaces are bursting with unique finds, from vintage clothes to quirky trinkets. Scouring for that perfect gem is an adventure in itself, and the planet will thank you for it.
  • Gift an animal a hero: Make a truly heartwarming gesture by adopting an animal through a charity or zoo. Your loved one will receive a special certificate and updates on their furry (or feathered!) friend, making it a gift that keeps on giving.
  • Grow some love (literally): Dedicate a tree to a loved one, gift them a lush pot plant, or put together a DIY veggie kit for next spring. Watch their green thumbs sprout as they nurture their little piece of nature.
  • Ditch the paper, embrace the cheer: Spread holiday joy with e-cards! Get creative with free design apps, and if some folks are tech-averse, give them a personal phone call. Bonus points for finding cards made from recycled materials, and ditching the glitter!
  • Unleash your inner chef or crafter: Whip up some homemade goodies for the food lovers in your life. From decadent chocolates to personalised ornaments, handmade gifts show you care and create lasting memories.

This Christmas, break the mould and give gifts that spark joy, ignite passions, and leave a lasting impact. Remember, the best presents are often the ones that come from the heart, and maybe a little creativity!