UK survey on 007: Road to a Million

Born from the iconic James Bond franchise, Amazon’s reality series “007: Road To A Million” took the world by storm. Pitting 9 ordinary couples against thrilling challenges for a £1 million prize, the show delivered a unique blend of Bond-esque adventures and reality TV drama. Now, a recent survey reveals what fans crave for Season 2.

More Spy Thrills, More Global Escapades:

The survey, conducted by PartyCasino among UK viewers, confirmed the show’s success in capturing the essence of 007. Participants craved even more Bond-inspired elements, with gadgets, casinos, and exotic locations like Jamaica, Italy, and Switzerland topping their wish list. The complexity and danger of challenges also resonated, with parachute jumps, underwater missions, and undercover infiltrations receiving the highest votes.

London Calling: The Perfect Spy Playground:

While viewers embraced the international spirit, London emerged as the dream setting for a Season 2 mission. The Thames Riverbank and Camden Market were favoured as specific locations, offering a thrilling backdrop for subterfuge and action.

Fan Favorites and Future Champions:

Josh Ali and Kamara Davis, a married couple with their roots in Peckham, stole the show. Their competitive spirit and entertaining dynamic resonated with viewers, making them the clear favourites to win both “most entertaining couple” and “most deserving champions.” 15.7% and 15.8% of respondents favoured them in both categories.

Partner Up for the Mission:

If given the chance to compete, viewers overwhelmingly (23.4%) preferred their partners as their ideal teammates. Friends, siblings, and colleagues followed in popularity, suggesting a desire for both trust and familiar dynamics in the high-stakes world of “007: Road To A Million.”

With filming for Season 2 set to begin in 2024 and whispers of international adventures, the future of “007: Road To A Million” promises even more excitement. Get ready to buckle up as ordinary people take on extraordinary challenges, all in the name of Bond-worthy glory and a life-changing million pounds.

The application deadline for Season 2 participants has been extended to December 31, 2023. Will you be the next secret agent to walk the Bond path?