C.Hub speaks live with Justin Collery CEO of Multipath Networks.

Ground-breaking router increases Internet speed, no need to pay More Money to Your Provider!
October 3, 2013
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October 9, 2013

Justin Collery We just had the rare opportunity to have a chat with the man of the moment Justin Collery the CEO of the ground breaking routers multipath network.  We all thought the revolution into how we use the internet and technology has already come but not until Justin came up with yet another rule breaker that is – The multipath network.  The multipath network is a ground-breaking router that  increases Internet speed and empowers consumers to success. Justin Collery developed Multipath Networks after he moved from his city center location to the suburbs and struggled to get fast and reliable broadband.  Multipath technology aggregates Internet connections adding their speed and reliability. The router can bond any combination of technologies, DSL, Cable, 3G, 4G, wireless. Justin also founded his first software company Diliga systems in 2002 . This was later sold to Sogets and Justin spent many years selling and implementing wireless networks throughout Ireland. These were used to ring internet connectivity to the hardest to reach areas, a challenging and rewarding business. Justin is a co-signatory on 3 patents in the area of WiMAX antenna design. This is a new man who may fit the shoe of the amazing hero Steve Jobs. In our chat this is what he had to say .

It must have been a headache with the broad bands for you?
It was worse than a headache. We had a business where most of our orders came from overseas and were delivered by email. We absolutely had to have a decent internet connection, or else we would have had to move. Now that we have resolved our internet issues, we can make full use of all the internet has to provide like Skype, Dropbox and much much more. We are a more efficient organisation as a result. How amazing is it for you to have been able to make this remarkable discovery after a frustration?
It has been a long road, but now the feeling is great! About 2 years ago it was the typical software start-up scenario, 18 hour days, 7 days a week. But even then, we could see that this would work. It’s incredible now to bring this to the world. I find it especially pleasing that it is a solution that is equally applicable from Cape Town to Cairo to Cambridge to Chicago. Connectivity is a universal need.
 How worried should other providers be at this news?
It presents both opportunities and challenges for providers. It presents opportunities for small operators to go after the customers of bigger operators offering faster speeds and more resilience. This is very attractive to businesses. It is also challenging for operators as it breaks the link between a single operate and a customers speed. One of the really interesting things the router can do is talk wirelessly to other Multipath routers. For example, if both you and your neighbour have a Multipath router, they can talk to each other, and share bandwidth. This means that you, as a consumer, can double your bandwidth without paying a single penny to your operator by adding your speed with your neighbours speed. This is obviously a challenge for the operators, but we think it’s great!
 How easy and affordable is it for the man in the street to use?
It’s plug and play! The router configures itself so it really is easy, no technical knowledge is needed. It will even detect which mobile operator you are on and configure itself automatically, so really really easy. The price tag is $199 (~£125) which is about normal for a premium router. But, with examples like I have given above, sharing bandwidth, unlike other routers, this one can pay for itself by removing the need for you to pay more money to your operator.
On what devices can the multipath be used?
Any device can connect to the Multipath router and use all the bandwidth available. The Multipath router is also able to use any internet connection, Cable, DSL, 3G, 4G, wireless anything, it will add any type of internet connection.
 This must be another revolution with internet and technology?
It’s exciting, isn’t it! I truly believe that this is the start of a revolution in the way we connect to the internet. We are bringing it to home and office routers, but I believe this technology will be used in all devices in the coming decade. Indeed Apple have some of this technology in their new iOS7. It’s a very exciting area, and we believe we are well positioned to take advantage of that.
Wow! guys you’ve heard it from the man himself now we have the internet for our play ground no more wasting time waiting for reception and all that bullsh*t . You can now pledge your loyalty for the innovation that is set to change the way you play the game online.
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