20130926015750-diftechsJustin Collery developed Multipath Networks after he moved from his city center location to the suburbs and struggled to get fast and reliable broadband,  turning his battle for better bandwidth into a groundbreaking bonding router . Commercializing research developed in Ireland and Belgium where he developed the Multipath router.

Multipath technology aggregates Internet connections adding their speed and reliability. The router can bond any combination of technologies, DSL, Cable, 3G, 4G, wireless.

“This is the same Multipath technology as used in Apple’s iOS7 for Siri and the App Store,” says Collery, “we have been deploying it for over a year!”

“Dropped Skype calls are not just frustrating, they cost business money,” says Collery. “With the growth in cloud based services, a single Internet connection is a single point of failure. The Multipath router solves this problem.”

Home users too can benefit from this disruptive technology. “As home users stream more and more entertainment from on-line services such as Netflix and YouTube they demand greater speeds. The game changer here is that it breaks the link between a your Internet provider and your Internet speed. If you want more bandwidth there is no need to pay more money to your DSL or Cable provider. You can get that extra speed from any source, 4G, municipal wireless, even your neighbors wireless (assuming they agree),” says Collery.

Everyone who pledges will get Multipath software in some form, Justin explained. “At the lower levels, people will receive the software which they can then install on hardware they can purchase separately. At the higher levels we will ship a full kit which people can use straight away. As well as getting our software, pledger’s will also receive at least 3 months free access to our aggregating service.”

Multipath Networks has already achieved great success. “We already sell a mobile version of the product, Quantum4Mobile to emergency services and government agencies. The mass market consumer product will be available from late 2013 / early 2014.”

To pledge your support for Multipath, log on here.