Afrobeat street vibes – ‘BUBUGAGA’ by Mr 2KAY FT, MAY7VEN and MOELOGO
November 27, 2013
Coca cola launches campaign to keep drivers safe this season.
December 4, 2013

imageWe love C.hub magazine and that presents us a goal: to help our generation and the generations to come to answer the single most important question in the world and to give ourselves a voice.

For so long there has been a cry out on the lack of media coverage or rather a positive one on the black community from the mainstream media.Here we’re,working very hard to create mainstream where,black and creative entities have a voice.

Taking us to the core / foundation of C.hub magazine which is creativity.
“For us to be relevant to our time,we must be creative”
Creativity is a form of self-expression.It’s not expressing ourselves verbally but expressing ourselves in terms of what we do in our daily lives like Sports,Music,Movie,Fashion, Architecture,Painting,Designing,and Politics.These are what change our lives,give us power,and make us take our place in global branding.

A classic example is sports where I say again,
“Winning a game is not enough,but going home with the lifting spirit is the ultimate” at this point the issue of”monkey de work bar Baboon de chop” will be completely eradicated.
We as people begin to take credit for all our hard work instead of credit going to someone else .

Creativity helps us break down barriers on Class,Colour,and Sexuality,but for us to reap the fruits of our labour,we must understand the rule of the game.

As long as our reference point is creativity,who we are,and what we do will make our voice loud and clear in the global community.

That’s why we love C.hub magazine