Coca Cola.Coca cola for the 6th year launches a campaign to help keep designated drivers away from alcohol during the festive season. The campaign this year has been launched after over a million people admit they drink drive once a week. A figure released from the survey which marks the launch of designated driver campaign this year.
The survey also found out that majority of people were unaware that there are no official guideline on the amount of alcohol that can legally be consumed before driving.
On average, respondents thought there was a suggested limit of 2.3units of alcohol that you could drink and still be safe to drive. But in actual fact, current Government advice is to avoid alcohol if you are driving , as the legal limit depends on a range of factors, including, gender, weight, age and metabolism also what you’ve eaten recently.
The designated driver campaign by Coca cola in partnership with the Department of Transport THINK! Road safety campaign lets designated drivers enjoy a buy one get one free offer on Coca cola , Diet coke and Coke zero in local pubs, bars and venues up and down the country.
The designated driver campaign runs for three weeks in over 8000 pubs and bars across the nation from the 9th to 31st of December 2013.