imageCampaigns after campaign, crackdown on sex trafficking, governments putting restrictions on easy accessibility of pornography online. Facebook has done it’s best to restrict the upload of offensive images, yet twitter has remained adamant on the issue. For how long will government and sex trafficking and child right campaigners open there eyes to what is going on freely on our timelines.
For the past 3 months C.hub editors have gone on research to finding how strict these social media are with helping to control raw pornography. Twitter came off worse with minimum or no restriction at to what is brought to us. You simply have to type in any erotic search word to find thousands of images of pornography all lying around uncensored, often without warning. Several times I’ve been tweeted links that took me to something I never planned to see says Faustina our chief editor who led in this research. Twitter if not checked will some prove to be a sexual time bomb waiting to explode.
Of all the searches, violent orgies and images of what I call sexual abuses on women was more prevalent . In some cases you will find over 3 men penetrating a vagina, sometimes two or more on the vagina and another group penetrating the mouth and anus. You will find images of molestation on children and teens. In another, you will find objects being inserted dangerously into various orifices of the woman. Whether or not these are being done with these women’s consent it’s something to think about later, however, there’s been evidence of most of these women used in such manner being kidnapped, trafficked and enslaved helpless women forced to perform all sorts of things with their body to the pleasure and money making interest of these gullible men, who in so many cases are also responsible for posting them for us to see on twitter.
Whatever the case, if these women consented or not , how about the dignity of other women, how about the interest of young minds both males and females , how about the interest of mentally unstable users of twitter who might be tempted or convinced to practise these abuses on themselves and others.
Does twitter not have any moral responsibility to things like this. On all the social media platforms, Instagram has remained the most sexually safe at the moment for users.