artwork - sound cloud.We haven’t heard much of Brandy in recent time. The last time we actually heard of her music was 2012 when she released Two Eleven which literally was a crap and even her label admitted it was a joke. The album as it were never found its feet on the charts. It was a shock to see Brandy’s album land no where near the charts, which was a huge disappointment for her fans.  That compared to Brandy’s  known  success with  her self-titled debut album; singles “I Wanna Be Down” and “Baby” released in 1994 which went straight to the top of   the Billboard Hot R&B Singles chart. In 1998, 4 years later, she came back with the widely successful duet with Monica, “The Boy Is Mine”, which till date remains  the most successful song by a female duo in the music industry and  yielded her first number-one song on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, and her second album, Never Say Never, which  eventually became Brandy’s biggest-selling album, selling over sixteen million copies worldwide.

After the success of 1998, Brandy however struggled in the 2000s  with her music career and commercials, and was particularly disturbed by her involvement in a fatal accident which resulted to the death of Awatef Aboudihaj . Though she was never arrested nor charged for the accident , the family of the deceased continued to sue her of which each time she managed to settle them out of court.  It was widely speculated that she had spent over $50 million on all the lawsuits.

Brandy amid all the success and struggle has never been legally married.  During the production of the Full Moon album, Brandy  began to date her  producer Robert “Big Bert” Smith.  but  it was only their  in  February 2002 that their relationship was made public.  That  same month Brandy  revealed that she was expecting her first child. A year after the birth of their daughter Sy’rai Iman Smith on June 16, 2002, they both ended the relationship. And in  2004  Smith revealed that they were never  legally married he had to hold front for Brandy’s image he later  revealed.


‘I want to scream’  was how Brandy revealed  of her next album on the May 9 episode of The Arsenio Hall Show.  “This is the perfect time for me to sing,” she says,  she explaining further  . “I just want to scream on this album,” Brandy said,  raising her arms to  belt a note.

Lets hope then that this time Brandy is back for real and ready to keep her fans happy as they have expected for years.