Nasir Mazhar unveils SS15 Collection

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September 14, 2014
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September 17, 2014

Nasir Mazhar’s SS15 collection is… different. Merging street wear with what looks like abstract lingerie and sportswear, it provides an end product that looks like it would have flourished in the 90s.

nasir by carol bergin

Image by Carol Bergin

DAZED Magazine’s Al Muhall described the collection as one that “would feel at home hanging in the wardrobe of a young belly dancer” and I can’t say that’s neither good or bad, but I can see it. 

“I was getting bored of everyone talking about sportswear and streetwear,” the designer said backstage. “I wanted to move things on. My girl is still sexy, still tough but this time not so in your face.”

I can’t say all of the pieces are practical but they could work, with a bit of tweaking. On the other hand, this is fashion, it’s all about pushing boundaries and self expression so I know for some people, these pieces are perfect just as they are.