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September 26, 2014
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September 26, 2014

iPhone6-Press-01-578-80Apple’s reputation has taken a bruising as a result of the latest iPhone 6 falling short of expectation from its customers. On Wednesday 24th September, it was discovered that the iPhone 6 to be bending and twitter recorded over 75,000 mentions of ‘bend’ after a YouTube video surfaced showing how the phone was bending. The video is said to have been viewed for over 6million times. It’s understood, Apple is pulling the latest gadget out of circulation.
The ‘bend gate’ may have been coined from water gate scandal and us not good PR for the iPhone, it tarnishes the claim that Apple is the largest, biggest and best in phone technology. With this shortfall, do you think customers will take it for granted? Reported Skynews. Nate Lanxon, a writer and analyst says for someone to sit on iPhone worth over £700 is not a brilliant idea, that he puts it on the front pocket and it has not bended.
Apple has said they’re working on the issue especially where they’re not getting enough signal.
Some say, the device which has a lightweight aluminium shell is more malleable than expected , but might fall shirt of a design flaw according to analysts.

What happens next now depends on if Apple could Dort these flaws out as quickly as possible . Where they fail to sort it, they might be in for a long haul in rinsing off the bruise on its brand especially with the huge impact of social media and people’s tenacity to take sanguine view.